Hulu is bringing one of my all-time favorite Marvel properties, Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways, to the small screen and that is the best news I’ve heard all year.

Runaways is, to phrase it for MCU fans, the young adult equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy in that it is full of obscure (previously non-existent before Runaways #1) and lovable characters. It is the story of a group of kids who find out at the end of the first issue that their parents, who get together once a year, are actually a group of villains that run the west coast (cleverly explaining why 99.5% of all the super-villain action happens on the east coast). After discovering this, the kids run away and discover who their parents, and them themselves, really are. That includes one of them discovering she has her own genetically-engineered dinosaur from the future. So, y’know, fun stuff. It would also give Marvel Studios an opportunity to introduce MCU fans to characters like Cloak and Dagger (who were on the same slate as Iron Man and Runaways as MCU properties back when Marvel Studios first became a thing) as a possible springboard into their own shows.

Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, creators of Gossip Girl, are on deck as showrunners and word on the street is that Hulu has ordered a pilot and additional scripts with a likely full-season greenlight.

If you want to get in the know before the show comes out (hopefully 2017), you can find the collected series on Amazon.

What a time to be alive.