Studio Ghibli announces next projects


Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio beloved by animation fans all across the world has announced plans for its next projects. Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder and director of Ghibli, is said to be working on an autobiography, though what form that autobiography may take is still unclear.

The other half of Studio Ghibli, co-founder Isao Takahata, also has a new project in the works. Takahata is said to be working on an adaption of a classic Japanese folk tale called Taketori Monogatari or The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. The tale is about Princess Kaguya, who is discovered inside the stalk of a glowing bamboo plant by an old bamboo cutter. Sprinkle some-o’-that Ghibli whimsy on there and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Ghibli’s upcoming film Arrietty, an adaption of classic children’s novel The Borrowers, is coming to American theaters in February of 2012.

[Via /Film]