Study says 49% of Americans think trailers spoil too much


Do you like to avoid trailers so you can go in to a film not knowing what will happen (I know our own Dre tends to do this)? You might be doing the right thing. According to a new study (YouGov Omnibus), 49% of Americans feel that trailers show off way too much (and give away a film’s best scenes), 19% believe that revealing plot will keep them from seeing a film, 24% will see a film more with that plot. At the same time, 48% of the surveyed folks say that trailers play the biggest role in making them go see a flick. 

So what do all these numbers mean? Not too much, but it should lead to an interesting discussion. While the folks making the actual films have little control over what goes into a trailer, it is unfortunate that someone doesn’t account for this stuff. It’s a mixed feeling. While I would love to avoid spoiled scenes (so they’re more surprising in the actual film), I still find myself gripped by a great trailer. Take Pacific Rim‘s recent Wondercon trailer. Sure a “Boatsword” would’ve been great to see in the film, but that trailer made me pay more attention to it. What do you all think? Do trailers ruin movies for you? Do you avoid them anyway? Wasn’t that boat thing cool? 

[via THR]