Suicide Squad 2 pulls off a writer switch


Looks like Gavin O’Conner, director and writer of Suicide Squad 2, is getting a little support. WB has brought in David Bar Katz and Todd Stashwick to help him develop the screenplay into something. It was in the early stages anyway so this isn’t really a big deal, but hopefully it doesn’t signal another movie written by committee and unable to hold together like the first one. 

Katz and Stashwick don’t have all that much experience doing great things, but Katz does have plenty of comic book background, which will hopefully help the sequel feel more like a comic book and less like two hours of muted colors of boredom. I’m guessing this one is going to feel a lot different from David Ayers’ dreary mess of a movie, and that’s a very good thing. O’Connor is a competent director who won’t push the envelope too much and scare the poor folks at WB, which is what eventually drove the original film off a cliff. With Katz and Stashwick backing him up hopefully we see something good.

‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel Gets New Writers [THR]

Matthew Razak
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