Sundance 2012: Five Questions with Indie Game: The Movie


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With only a couple days until Indie Game: The Movie‘s long-awaited debut at Sundance 2012, I sat down (via webcam) with filmmakers James Shirwsky and Lisanne Pajot to talk indie, games, and movies. Game enthusiasts will be glad to see that the two know their material and have a passion for covering the topic — so much so that they hinted at making more game-related documentaries in the future.

While this interview saw its fair share of technical challenges (my mic wasn’t recorded), Dtoid will be bring you a completely manic interview more focused on gaming and featuring myself, Dtoid editor Jonathan Holmes, Team Meat, and the filmmakers behind Indie Game: The Movie. That totally different interview should be going up Monday.

Check back Monday for a full review of this much-anticipated documentary.