Super Bowl TV spot for Muppets Most Wanted

Game Day | Extended TV Spot | Muppets Most Wanted | The Muppets

Muppets Most Wanted has so much to live up to as the first film helped revitalize The Muppets and the way we see them. Now that it’s missing Jason Segel, does it have a chance? By the looks of this spot ran during the Super Bowl, yes and no. It still seems as intelligent as the first (as the spot parodies the recent trend of trailers using Twitter quotes to market their movie), but as the sequel is the first true adventure since The Muppets had their reboot, we might be in for some rough work. 

I’m still wishing for the best since I’ve been watching these guys since they were babies. Here’s hoping we laugh hysterically along with Muppets Most Wanted when it gets to theaters March 14th.