Super Troopers 2 gets a new red band trailer


The original Super Troopers remains one of my favorite comedies of all time. It strikes a perfect chord of raunchy, slapstick, and joke-driven comedy that still makes me laugh until I hurt even after watching it multiple times over the years. With that in mind, I obviously cannot wait for the sequel, despite comedy sequels rarely living up to more than just callbacks and rehashes.

Thankfully the new trailer that was released for Super Troopers 2 today isn’t completely made up of rehashes, which gives me hope. I could continue going on about the movie and the general concept of comedy but you aren’t here to read my words so watch the trailer and enjoy!

Super Troopers 2 releases on April 20th, 2018 because of course it does.


One last thing, if Broken Lizard is reading this, please let Todd Glass talk over the credits. He’s only got 43 years left to live!

Anthony Marzano
Anthony Marzano likes long talks in naturally-lit diners and science fiction movies about what it means to be human.