Super Troopers 2 gets baked, and trailer!


Super Troopers the original was left in a basket on our doorsteps all the way back in 2002. Probably around the same time some of you were delivered to your parents by giant, lice-ridden birds. In other words, it’s been a while. But merow, Broken Lizard, the comedy team behind it and fellow comedy classic Beeriest look to have returned to their finest form, as Vermont’s finest.

Check out the red band trailer (possibly NSFW) below!

SUPER TROOPERS 2 I Official Teaser | FOX Searchlight

For a teaser trailer, this offers a lot of insight. Obviously, the graphics and film game these guys are using a decade a half later is much improved. Good. Furthermore, at least half of the primaries don’t seem to have aged the corresponding amount that 15 years in mid-life would imply. Even better. And finally–they’re still funny as hell and seem to know their comedic sweet spot, returning to the film and the gags that first made them widespread comic funny. 

The only thing better than this may have been the imaginarily teased Potfest that wrapped Beerfest. Reactions, please…