Super Ultimate Bond Blu-ray Collection coming soon


James Bond movies are great. What they aren’t, however, is simple to collect. Although there is a full set of the first 21 Bond films (Quantum of Solace not included) available on DVD, those of us who live in the 21st Century have been waiting for some kind of convenient way to get everything on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, nine of the films haven’t even been released in HD, and the others can only be found in packs of three, six, ten, or 11, which is far from convenient and is also expensive.

Fortunately, MGM and Fox have decided to release a Blu Ray set of all 22 Bond films on Blu-ray for $240, which boils down to about $11 each. In and of itself, that’s not a bad price if you’ve been looking to have your complete Bond fix, but they are also adding 130 hours of bonus features. Yeah, that’s almost five-and-a-half days of bonus features. Which, if you’re not aware, is a long time. No word on what the features are, but it’s pretty likely that some significant percentage of that will be worth watching, which means there will be more good bonus stuff than pretty much any other existing set has bonus stuff period (the Star Wars set, for example, has a pathetic 40 hours).

The set is expected to release this fall (probably right around the time Skyfall premieres), and Amazon pre-orders should be available very soon. So that’s exciting.

[Via Deadline]