Superhero horror Brightburn gets a fresh trailer, swoops in to spook you

BRIGHTBURN - Official Trailer #2

What if Superman were a very naughty child? Like, “creepy-kid-serial-killer” levels of naughty? Well it looks like Brightburn might answer that question that you’ve no doubt been wondering forever this coming May.

David Yarovesky directs, with the Gunn family filling out other key roles. Mark and Brian Gunn writing, with James Gunn producing the sinister spandex story. This will be (James) Gunn’s first project following his controversial firing from Marvel (barring his executive producer credits on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame), and it seems like a return to form for the genre-bender.

Touted by many as a horror spin on Superman, we’re confronted with a superchild (Jackson Dunn) who crashes to Earth mysteriously, and is adopted by good-hearted rural Americans (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman). Sounds like a famous Kryptonian I know of… The similarities start to end when instead of saving people, young superkid instead starts to smash them at high speeds. And melt them, and other evil things. 

Before his cosmic outings with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn directed films like Super and Slither, which took unique tones and approaches to superheroes and horror, respectively.

Whether Brightburn delivers the goods remains to be seen, but in premise alone it sounds like a fun genre romp. Time will tell when Brightburn hits theaters May 24th.