Superman and Batman finally together on screen…as Legos


For years, comics fans have yearned for the moment when DC finally gets off their asses and shoves more than one superhero into one of their movies. That moment has arrived…sort of. The new theatrical Lego movie, tentatively titled Lego: The Piece of Resistance, will feature Superman and Batman in their minifig forms, most likely as a cameo appearance/advertising for Lego Batman 2. At the moment, Will Arnett has been cast as Batman, while Channing Tatum is currently in negotiations to play Superman. Again, we’re talking a cameo-level role here, with maybe one or two scenes together. 

Still, though, even with the Justice League moving back into play, this is probably going to be the only opportunity to see these two iconic heroes together on the big screen for quite some time. Considering how crapped on Superman’s been over the years, and how the Superman/Batman movie from Wolfgang Peterson fell apart, I’m surprised they’re managing to show up anywhere in theaters.

[Via Variety]