Superman to team up with Batman in Man of Steel sequel


I’m sure no one guessed DC Comics would take its first concrete steps toward Justice League so soon. But since Man of Steel was a success (despite its problems), I suppose anything is possible now. The sequel to Man of Steel (confirmed shortly after news of MoS‘s success) is now being developed as a Superman/Batman film (which I Am Legend hilariously predicted many years ago) with Zack Snyder returning to direct, David S. Goyer returning as writer, Christopher Nolan as Executive Producer, and is scheduled to release Summer 2015.

Since this is a sequel, Henry Cavill will return as Superman (with Amy Adams, Lawrence Fisburne, and Diane Lane to return to their respective roles). And while Superman is set, the new Batman is not. Since Christian Bale isn’t returning, and DC itself stated that it’s time to move past Nolan’s trilogy, the new Batman actor (or his role in the film) has yet to be decided.

But we all know why Batman is there. He’s there to stop the inhuman monster who allowed an entire city to die. And really if this is what Snyder planned all along (and Man of Steel is secretly the Batman reboot), Man of Steel was absolutely genius.

UPDATED: We’ve added the high-res logo for Superman/Batman 2015 in the gallery. Contrast and compare.

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