Surprise! Here’s a trailer for hidden Blair Witch Project sequel


In an era where it’s practically impossible to hide anything from the Internet, we were completely surprised by two projects kept under wraps. Joining 10 Cloverfield Lane is Blair Witch, a project only known as The Woods until San Diego Comic Con this weekend. 

There are several reasons I’m excited about this. This first trailer is captivating, it’s a legitimate sequel to the Blair Witch Project (and it doesn’t look as awful as the straight to video Book of Shadows), the first person POV finally seems interesting, and it’s Adam Winguard and Simon Barrett’s follow up to You’re Next and The Guest, two of the best horror films of the decade. With their track record and how fantastic this trailer is, I’m 100% confident this is going to be awesome.

Best news? The film is only two months away as Blair Witch opens September 16th. 

[via Bloody Disgusting]
Blair Witch (2016 Movie) - Official Trailer