Surviving Sundance 2012: Day Seven & Eight Recap


As Sundance begins to wind down, we take a look at new festival releases starring Paul Giamatti, Chris Rock, and Frank Langella.

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John Dies at the End
Director: Don Coscarelli

Dave (Chase Williamson) is our guide into this world, along with his companion (who dies at the end) John (Rob Mayes). They make this reality of mustache vampire bats, hotdog cellphones, and pick-up truck driving canines kind of, sort of believable. When it’s not believable, it’s at least fun. John and Dave trade quotable burns and observations that keep the film fun, even when it losses you down the rabbit hole. — 65, Decent [Read the full review]

Robot and Frank
Director: Jake Schreier

There’s a lot going for this debut feature from director Jake Schreier and screenwriter Christopher Ford. Its kooky pairing of an old curmudgeon and a kind robot helper wins immediate points from me. There’s a light touch to so much of the film, and a lot of charm and humor. Yet watching Robot and Frank, it became clear that while there was a lot for me to like, there wasn’t enough for me to love. — 70, Good [Read the full review]

2 Days in New York
Director: Julie Deply

One strength of 2 Days in New York is how funny it is. I’m not usually a big romantic comedy person, but 2 Days in New York has a lot of genuinely funny parts. Albert Delpy (Julie Delpy’s father) is amazing as a weird, adorable old French man with little-to-no boundaries, and Rock is surprisingly great in his role as a smart, well spoken public radio host who talks to his cardboard cut-out of Barack Obama in his office for advice. 2 Days in New York not only makes fun of language and cultural barriers almost constantly, but also has a bunch of hilarious scenes about the art world. — 76, Good [Read the full review]