Cult-classic game System Shock getting TV series in 2022


In a rather stunning announcement today, the upcoming streaming service Binge has revealed it will be creating a TV series adaptation of the cult-classic 1994 PC game System Shock. Made in collaboration with developer Nightdive Studios (which is currently working on a remake of the iconic game), this belated adaptation will focus on the events of the first title with some hints for its sequel, System Shock 2, peppered throughout.

Details about the general plot are mum at the moment, but we know that the series will be produced by Binge’s chief content officer Allan Ungar with Nightdive’s Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman acting as executive producers. Speaking with Forbes, Ungar said, “It’s [System Shock] been on our list since day one, and it was a big moment for us when we put pen to paper on the deal.”

Elaborating further, Ungar added, “Our focus has always been to look at titles that are not only well suited for adaptation but that hold a special place in gamers’ hearts. System Shock is a seminal title and one that really broke new ground for the industry and for gamers around the world.”

Kick explained that he was very excited to see Binge bringing this series to the small screen. “I’ve always believed that a live-action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the harrowing story of Citadel Station and its rogue AI, which subjects the crew to unimaginable horror.”

With the show currently in the early stages of development, no roles have been cast just yet. It would be a crime not to get Terri Brosius back as SHODAN, the series’ malevolent overlord AI. Her voice work was instrumental in creating the unsettling atmosphere that System Shock oozed.

As for Binge, the service is being billed as the “Netflix for gaming shows.” Ungar got his start directing the fascinating Uncharted fan film that starred Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, so he knows his stuff. Along with System Shock, Binge will also see an adaptation of Ubisoft’s Driver and a reality series that follows Twitch streamer El Rubius.

Source: Forbes

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