Taika Waititi is the next guy to try to “crack” the Flash Gordon movie


There is nothing in the world that is perfect, but the Mike Hodges directed 1980 Flash Gordon film with a soundtrack by Queen is probably the closest that humanity is going to get to it. However, for some reason, Hollywood wants to move on from this camp classic and, instead of just re-releasing it over and over, they’re looking to reboot the Flash Gordon franchise. They’ve been failing miserably for years, but now 20th Century Fox wants Taika Waititi to take a crack at it.

The director is set to do something with the film, though Deadline isn’t sure what. Writing and directing isn’t out of the question, however, as Waititi’s creativity and skill set are pretty perfect for the comic strip character. The film will be animated, which could lend itself to some pretty stunning stuff, but sadly it sounds like they’re going to try to ditch the camp and go with something more in line with the original comic. I’m not sure how you do that since the comic is pretty camp by today’s standards but given its Waititi directing I don’t think we have to fear an overly serious or dreary take on the space-venturing hero. 

Look, if anyone was going to make a new Flash Gordon movie than Waititi is the man to do it but this kind of sounds like another John Carter fiasco. John Carter was not a bad movie at all but a popular sci-fi hero from nearly 100 years ago does not have the cultural cache to launch a film franchise. At least with animation the budget won’t be as stupid high and the film has a better chance of succeeding. 

Taika Waititi To “Crack” ‘Flash Gordon’ As Fox/Disney Animated Film [Deadline]


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