Take a first look at Disney+ exclusives Peter Pan and Wendy, Pinocchio

Disney Plus' Peter Pan & Wendy - Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Yara Shahidi, Jude Law

Thursday night was a very busy night for Disney fans. A ton of recent live-action remakes have been released in the past decade for a lot of our favorite animated classics.

Now we have our first teasers for two more: Peter Pan & Wendy, and a new live-action Pinocchio from Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks, which we reported on in the summer. Disney shared details of both exclusives on Twitter with two separate short clips. There are no theatrical release plans at the time of writing.

In Peter Pan & Wendy, we don’t even see either title character — just the famous Big Ben clock chiming away. If you pay attention, however, you will see in the clouds Captain Hook’s ship as well as the North Star. Not too much is revealed, hinting a longer trailer is coming.

Pinocchio, however, gives us more of a glimpse and a bit of a nostalgia animated feel showing short quick glimpses of Gepetto played by Hanks, Pinocchio, and even Figaro the cat. A quick shot of the sign for Gepetto’s toy store is included. It all looks incredible and the hype train has begun.

Disney's Pinocchio Live-Action Remake - Official Teaser (2021) Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis

Pinocchio, while a classic, honestly scared me as a child with such scenes as the donkey transformation and Gepetto getting swallowed by a whale. I have a feeling some of those scenes may even be altered or removed altogether because scenes such as underage kids smoking cigars and gambling may not be considered family-friendly today.

Peter Pan & Wendy may also have some alterations, I suspect, but I am looking forward to seeing this one the most. We will just have to wait and see how Disney handles both remakes and hope they do them justice. The one question audiences will have to decide is whether or not they are growing tired of Disney+ exclusives and just want to see these films in a theater.

Both films will release in 2021.

Source: Twitter


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