Take a look at the first poster for Pixar’s Brave


Clearly the the marketing folks over at Disney caught wind of Flixist’s Pixar Week, as they picked this week to unveil the first poster for Brave, their theatrical outing for 2012. Between this poster (which you can check out in the gallery below) and the concept art we’ve already seen, I can safely say that I am more excited for Brave than I have been for any Pixar film since Brad Bird (the director of the first film to ever receive a perfect 10 from Flixist) re-teamed with the studio for Ratatouille. I’m totally in love with the art direction we’ve seen so far, and the plot — which centers around a princess who brings turmoil to her kingdom after defying a sacred custom and must seek out a Wise Woman to help save her land — is giving me some real Princess Mononoke vibes. That’s never a bad thing, unless of course you’re one of those types of people that hates things that are awesome.

[The Playlist, via EW]