Taken 2: Take Harder coming Oct. 12. Other films dated


No, it’s not actually called Taken 2: Take Harder. I just wanted to come up with a movie title more ridiculous than this one.

Anyone who is a fan of Taken has been waiting quite a while now for the sequel to get off the ground, but with Neeson busy making other movies that aren’t Taken we’ve all been holding our breathe. However, Fox has finally given a release date for the film as Oct. 12 of 2012, which means ass kicking is back in town in less than a year. Of course this wait could have been a bit less harsh if we hadn’t been teased by Unknown only to be let down epically by it.

Fox also announced a slate of other release dates for upcoming movies. Some major some not so much. Check them out below.

[Box Office Mojo, via /Film]

Walking with Dinosaurs: 10/11/13
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
: 3/27/13
Parental Guidance
: 11/21/12
Of Men and Mavericks
: 10/26/12

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