Taken 2 will start shooting in October


Ah, Taken. Despite a few fun-hating reviewers missing the point, you were not only one of the most hysterically deranged action movies of recent years, but doubly entertaining as a French evisceration of American foreign policy. Thanks to the prospect of seeing Liam Neeson smack around a bunch of surrender monkeys and their devious sex emperors being appealing to the tune of over $200m first time around, a sequel is on the way and slated to start shooting (insert obvious joke) in October.

Every key member of the cast will return, despite talk earlier in the year of Neeson being replaced by Sean Bean, and director Olivier MEGATON (if ever there was a name which demanded capitalisation…) has been scouting locations in Los Angeles, although thankfully says that the movie will only shoot there ‘for a little bit’. That’s a relief, as Taken just wouldn’t be Taken without evil, evil foreigners in the mix, but the big question now is where exactly Bryan Mills will be finding and killing people next: will he be returning to Paris? Tearing down Buckingham Palace? Kicking commie ass in Beijing? Single-handedly winning the Afghan War?

If Taken 2 (Electric Boogaloo?) can recapture even 10% of the nuts-out majesty of the first movie, it’ll make for another superb entry on 2012’s incredibly strong action movie schedule. Bond, Batman, Avengers, Django, Expendables 2 and now Taken? If those pesky Aztecs are right and the world is indeed going to end next year, it might well be as a result of SHEER AWESOMENESS OVERLOAD.

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