Tara Reid fires the Coen bros., finishes Lebowski 2


Earlier this year, hearts were set aflutter when The Big Lebowski 2 was announced by actress Tara Reid. After all, if anyone would know it’s her. Shortly after, Ethan Coen was quoted as saying “I’m glad she’s working on it.”

Tara is remembered as the character of Bunny in the original film, which came extremely close to earning her a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 1999 Academy Awards. Losing to Dame Judi Dench that year, she was resolute in seeing her vision through to the end, but for twelve years the project had remained entangled in Hollywood bureaucracy and unwavering egos.

Today we can finally commit her journey to the annals of history. After cutting loose her writer/directors, lead actors, supporting actors, craft service and janitorial staff, Tara Reid has completed work on The Big Lebowski 2. Her final product is currently available for free online as a personal gift to all the little Lebowki’s who grew up wondering if their dreams for a sequel would ever be achieved. We’ve made this available after the jump.

[Via Funnyordie]