Target’s ‘Hunger Games’ replicas assume we all have money


Adding to the list of things we can’t afford, Target has announced a 14K gold replica of Katniss Everdeen’s Mockingjay pin that will cost you 999 dollars. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many nines put together without a decimal point in between them. Also, there’s going to be a replica of Katniss’s really brown jacket going for 349 dollars. If those products aren’t expensive enough for you, a lithograph signed by some of the cast will go for 699 dollars.

Now, I’m not a huge enough fan of the Hunger Games franchise to pay an arm and a leg for any of this stuff, but they at least look cool. I’d probably spring for the lithograph since I’m in love with Jennifer Lawrence, but I’d also settle for a twelve dollar knock off pin and just pretend like it’s the thousand dollar one. 

I’m rich in imagination. 

[via THR