Tarsem Singh to helm a 3D Snow White film


I won’t fault you if you’ve lost track of the how many Snow White projects are floating around Hollywood. There’s the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman being produced by Universal Pictures, which is rumored to be courting Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp as the leads. There’s also a rumored Seven Dwarves as Shaolin monks project being discussed, which actually sounds awesome as well. However, the one that has me most excited is the 3D project helmed by Tarsem Singh, who directed the unbelievably beautiful and criminally underrated The Fall.

Tarsem spent 17 years building that project, so unfortunately we may have already seen his opus. But Tarsem, as he did in The Fall, is looking for an unknown to cast as his “Snow White”. The lead female in The Fall was unbelievable, due in no small part to the fact that Tarsem spent five years looking for just the right actress. Tarsem is clearly not one to rush a project, and his visual eye and use of color could be just right for this film. My giddiness about this film might not make much sense if you haven’t seen The Fall, so do yourself a favor and rent it.

The material won’t be the same as the Disney fare you may be familiar with, because screenwriter Melissa Wallack is going back to the source (The Brothers Grimm) for this version of the tale. Tarsem is currently finishing up The Immortals, an epic tale about Greek gods set to come out next year, so I guess we’ll have something to tide us over until Snow White makes her long overdue screen return.

[Via TheWrap]