Taylor Kitsch wanted for Raid remake


Every time I get reminded that they’re remaking The Raid I want to punch everything in the face. It takes days to block this travesty out of my mind again, and now it’ll take even longer since they’re evidently casting someone with no martial arts background for the lead. Taylor Kitsch is in talks to tackle that role, though there are still issues being ironed out evidently.

What does this mean? Well, less interesting and dynamic fights, that’s for sure. The movie is already lacking Gareth Evans groundbreaking direction and now it’ll have a guy who has limited fighting ability. I’m actually a fan of Kitsch (John Carter didn’t suck!), but not here. Expect tons of quick cuts and tepid fights. Or maybe they’ll go for a more American style of action with guns and explosions. Oh wait, they already made that movie really well too. It’s called Dredd

[via The Wrap]

Matthew Razak
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