Teaser trailer for Robin Hood is basically medieval Arrow


Robin Hood has a long and proud film history from the great Errol Flynn stunningly green get up to Kevin Costners darker turn. Judging from the trailer for his newest film outing, Robin Hood, that legacy is about to get a bit tarnished. Most likely bouyed by the savings of using a character no longer under copyright, this movie looks like the kind of cheap action flick Hollywood has been dumping out recently in an attempt to see what sticks. 

The trailer is also horribly done. It doesn’t build any momentum at all, and honestly feels like two trailers in one. If you can’t even cobble together an enticing trailer with the best parts of your film what is the final product going to look like?

I do like Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx, but neither of them seem interested in even in these brief clips. I just can’t see this doing very well at all, especially with a November release. The poster is pretty cool, though.

Robin Hood hits theaters on November 21, 2018.

Matthew Razak
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