Teaser Trailer: The Boxtrolls


Here’s a short teaser trailer for Laika’s (the team that brought you Corpse Bride, Coraline, and one of the best films of 2012, ParaNorman) upcoming project The Boxtrolls (which is based on the Alan Snow novel Here Be Monsters!) and it already looks adorable. 

The Boxtrolls is about a group of trolls (who hide in boxes) that live in the town of Cheesebridge. One day they rescue an abandoned child (named Eggs) and raise it as their own, but the town begins fearing them. When one exterminator begins to hunt them down, it’s up to eggs to save his adoptive family. The Boxtrolls looks to be a pure family film that already delivers the message that different kinds of families exist and are okay. Keep an eye out for it when it releases September 12th next year. 

There’s a good chance the video could be taken down, so if that happens, you can catch the teaser on Apple.

[via Apple]