Teaser Trailer: Turbo


Turbo is one of the films in Dreamworks’ giant film slate for 2013. Even if it unfortunately shares a name with an awesome short film and a season of Power Rangers, Turbo looks pretty damn intriguing given this teaser. 

Turbo stars a snail (Ryan Reynolds) who wants to become the fastest snail in the world, and after an accident gives him super speed, sets out to accomplish that goal. It also looks to have an impressive voice cast with the likes of Paul Giamatti, Michelle Rodriguez (!), and Snoop Lion Dogg. I have to say I’m a sucker for cuteness, and this teaser is sooooo cute. I think it’s Cake’s “Going the Distance” that seals the deal for me. Hopefully, we’ll get more of a look into the actual story in the coming months. 

[Apple, via Trailer Addict]