Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles done Invader Zim style


Fans of the cult classic Invader Zim can attest to how ridiculous (re: genius) Jhonen Vasquez is. While we might still be lamenting the series that left us too soon (as can be said for a multitude of Nicktoons over the years), we can find solace knowing Vasquez still hasn’t lost his touch in this special SDCC-exclusive Nickelodeon short.

Vasquez trades one green character for four as he takes his talents to the sewers of New York City in Don vs. Raph. Featuring voice work from the Workaholics trio, the short pits Donatello vs. Raphael in a battle of wits and pits as Michelangelo and Leonardo sit back and provide occasional commentary. It’s an odd pairing, given that Don and Mikey and Raph and Leo tend to be paired/pitted against one another more often than not, but the dynamic of brains vs. brawn adds a fun element to an already funny scenario.

Now if only we could turn this short into an entire series…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | 'Don vs. Raph' by Jhonen Vasquez from SDCC | Nick