Tennis star Novak Djokovic is in Expendables 2


Flixist’s own EIC Matthew Razak pointed out the video above when news came of Novak Djokovic’s appearance in The Expendables 2. No word on if he’ll be serving hand grenades at people or gathering together Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Wayne Gretzky for a ProStars reunion/sports-version of The Expendables. (The Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot would need to be in that.)

Djokovic is the top-ranked tennis player in the world. I watched his U.S. Open championship match against Rafael Nadal on a flight from Southern California to New York. It lasted pretty much the entire trip, and even though I don’t really watch tennis, it was a compelling and mesmerizing way to spend a few hours.

But seriously, if that line isn’t in the movie, the people of the world will be sorely disappointed.

[Via Cinema Blend]

Hubert Vigilla
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