Terminator: Genisys still spoiling things with character posters


Serious SPOILERS incoming.

When Paramount released the last trailer for Terminator: Genysis they spoiled what appeared to be a major plot point that would have helped to hook people in. We all just assumed it was a mistake, but it appears they’re all in on this thing as these new character posters also blatantly reveal that John Connor is a Terminator himself in this film (a T-3000 to be precise).

Aside from this the character posters just confirm much of what we already know: there will be a T-800 and a T-1000. They’re all still better than the woeful first look we got at the film, but the marketing for this movie has just been bizarre. I can’t say I’m getting more excited as we get closer to the the release.

[via IMP Awards]

Matthew Razak
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