Terminator reboot gets its Sarah and John Connor


It seems after testing a bevy of gorgeous women for the role of Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator reboot (part of a planned new trilogy), Paramount has chosen Emilia Clarke (whose most notable role is from this Game of Thrones show I keep hearing about) to take the reins from the amazing Linda Hamilton. I’ve never seen the show, so I couldn’t speak of her work as an actress, but she’s got pretty big shoes to fill. Not just anyone can play Sarah Connor.

As for John Connor, anyone and everyone can play that guy. Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) is currently in talks for the role (even though he’s much older than Emilia, but whatever time travel). It’s pretty neat the two actors already have a namesake in common. I’m sure that didn’t influence anyone’s decision and is a hilariously cute coincidence, but it’s fun to think about. But none of this matters since Schwarzenegger’s coming back anyway. The Terminator reboot is scheduled for a release sometime in 2015, anyone excited? 

[via Deadline]