Terrence Malick’s next movie isn’t a decade away


If you were to tell me that Terrence Malick may possibly be releasing two films in the same year, I’d probably laugh all the way to the Impossible Factory, where impossible things are made. Well, he may not be making releasing a second movie this year, but there is a possibility we may see at least two Terrence Malick movies in as many years.

The beautiful image you see as the header is from Malick’s as-yet unnamed romance starring Ben Afflick and Rachel McAdams. There are zero other details about the film, including a lack of release date or distributor info, other than Javier Bardem and Olga Kurylenko also being in the cast. So there’s not a lot of news here. However, if you’re not getting weak in the knees at the notion of Terrence Malick movies being less than a decade apart, I think you’ve got the wrong website. At any rate, perhaps we’ll have more info on this mystery project after Tree of Life is released this May.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]