Terrifying concept art for Hunger Games muttations


While The Hunger Games kept pretty close to the source material, there were some things that had to be cut out. Some minor ones, like the real origin of Katniss’ Mockingjay pin, weren’t terribly key to the story and were an understandable change. Others, like the appearance and backstory of the Muttations, the horrifying dog-like creatures that the Tributes face toward the end of the Games, were more disappointing to have left out.

Concept artist Ian Joyner’s drawings and models are very faithful to the book, and they’re the stuff of nightmares. The story behind these images is full of spoilers for anyone who plans on reading the books, so be warned before you hit the jump and view the gallery.

[Via io9]

While the Muttations simply seem like physically-imposing enemies in the movie, the reality in the books is much scarier. Look at the eyes in the concept images in the gallery. Each Muttation is created with DNA from the corpses of the fallen Tributes, and they see through the dead children’s reused eyes. You know that scene with Rue? Imagine seeing her eyes in a vicious, disgusting creature attempting to rip children to shreds. Yeah.