Test reel for live action/CG Hong Kong Phooey leaked


Back when The Smurfs had reached a moderate, but idiotic, success, studios were looking to cash in on even more nostalgia. The most confusing of those initial announcements was that Eddie Murphy was looking to voice a live action/CG version of Hong Kong Phooey, the number one super guy. I knew Hong Kong Phooey as the last of the good Hanna Barbera cartoons that Cartoon Network aired at five in the morning before the lame-o Johnny Quest kicked in. Needless to say, Hong Kong Phooey hasn’t changed in twenty years…and that’s not a good thing.

Alex Zamm, who’s got a fabulous pedigree that includes Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, is currently working on the film and has released test footage for it online. So…yeah, there’s really not much I want to say about this. The Marvin the Martian video on the other hand, which starts right after the HKP bit, looks like something I might be interested in…even if it does just rehash old Looney Tunes jokes. 

[via Alex Zamm, video compilation via Bleeding Cool]