Testosterone alert: Expendables 2 poster is here


The Expendables 2 poster has been revealed over at JoBlo (hi-res here) and its glorious. If there is anything more full of manly awesomeness than this poster than it will no doubt kill you with testosterone and erections the second you look at it. It’s possible this poster has done that already to many people who just can’t handle that much action awesomeness.

This poster looks like the photoshop someone tossed together for their tumblr post about the most awesome movie ever. It’s about ten million times better than the last film’s poster which didn’t play up the amount of epic awesomeness crammed into the film nearly enough. And even if the first film didn’t turn out to be as truly awesome as its parts it will not stop me from getting super excited about this one just from this poster. I mean, every single person is holding a gun and the entire background is an explosion! Come on!

Also, Van Damme.

[JoBlo, via First Showing]

Matthew Razak
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