Tetris is getting a big budget, Chinese trilogy


This year we have four videogame adaptations hitting theaters and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. The only problem with this is none of these films look particularly gripping with Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed, and The Angry Birds Movie hoping to change that soon. Average as they are, at least these adaptations make sense. According to Deadline, we’re about to get more videogame movies than we can handle. 

Tetris The Movie is now moving forward as an $80 million dollar budgeted joint effort between China’s Seven Star Works and Larry Kasanoff’s (Mortal Kombat) Threshold Entertainment Group (now officially united as Threshold Global Studios). Treating the film as the first in a trilogy, Tetris the Movie will begin filming in China next year and, according to Kasanoff, is a sci-fi thriller and a “cool surprise.”

Regardless about how you feel about videogames or videogame movies, we can all agree this is f**king stupid, right? Not as stupid as, say, a movie about PEZ, but stupid nonetheless. 

[via Deadline]