That dance number from Ghostbusters will be in the extended cut


I liked Ghostbusters, but I readily pointed out that it had its flaws. The biggest one of which was the fact that it often veered into tired comedic tropes instead of capitalizing on the skills and chemistry of its cast. One moment where it avoided this was in a forced dance number that was clearly cut from the film and then played during the credits sequence. I gave Feig credit for cutting it since a big group dance number is an almost sure sign of a failing comedy.

Evidently that was a tough decision for Feig, and the dance number will be returning most likely in the Blu-ray releases, which will be 15 minutes longer than the film (though the initial cut was three and half hours).

We repurposed it into the end credits: [the dance sequence]. I loved it, and it’s actually going to be in the extended version of the movie. But there’s some babies that you just have to lose. That’s the hardest thing about doing comedy. You have so many funny things, but if you stack up too many, or it comes at a time when the audience wants to be moving forward… if you hang on to them you slow everything down. So that was a really tough one.

I can’t express in words how incredibly wrong he is about the fact that a dance number would have made the film better, but I’m happy he realized just how out of place it would have been at that moment. 

Matthew Razak
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