That IT clown rally in NYC is really some kind of crummy commercial/promotional stunt


Yesterday multiple media outlets reported on a the clown rally in NYC set for today. This rally was purportedly organized by John Nelson of Clowns in Town to combat the loss of business caused by the movie It.

Turns out this is all just some stupid promotional stunt. Which, in retrospect, is obvious.

The radio show Len & Todd in the Morning did a little digging and couldn’t find a website, Facebook group, or Twitter handle for Clowns in Town. They wound up speaking to John Nelson live on the air (if that really is his name). After a bit more digging and a few minutes of grilling, Nelson said, “This is gonna get me in a little bit of trouble because we were hired to do this for promotional purposes.” Nelson wasn’t aware that he was live, and immediately (and awkwardly) denied what he admitted and then hung up.

You can listen to the full segment here.

A cursory Twitter search for new information about the rally turned up nothing, and the rally will likely go on as planned at 5:00pm EST at the Regal Cinema near Union Square. If this isn’t a promotional stunt for It, it may be a publicity stunt for something related to Killer Klowns from Outer Space; as one of the radio hosts noted, John Nelson is the name of a character from that cult movie.

I feel like a bozo. Also, I could sure go for a glass of Ovaltine.

Send In the “Clown Rally?” Don’t Bother, It’s FAKE! [WOR 710]

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