That “mayor” guy returns for The Dark Knight Rises


You know who Nestor Carbonell is, right? You know, he was the guy who played the Mayor in The Dark Knight and played Richard Alpert on Lost? No? How about Batmanuel in the obscure live-action adaptation of The Tick? Still not ringing a bell? OK, how about the guy who was in the random 90s television sitcom Suddenly Susan with Kathy Griffin and Brooke Shields? See, I knew you’d get that reference. You are SO weird.

Anyway, Nestor Campbell (who had a short role as the Mayor of Gotham City in The Dark Knight) is set to return for The Dark Knight Rises, the next and possibly final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. Whether or not he will get more screen time this time around has yet to be determined.

It’s not the greatest news regarding The Dark Knight Rises, granted, but we here at Flixist make it our job, nay, our responsibility, to report on every minute detail we can get our grubby little hands on for this movie. Now if only there was a way we can find out what kind of snacks they’re serving at craft services.

[via Total Film]