That non-reboot Child’s Play TV show will be slashing Syfy in 2020


With the Child’s Play reboot starring Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill coming out next month and looking pretty decent, I’m sure all you salivating fans of short killer redheads are wondering one important question: Yeah, but what about the TV show that doesn’t abandon the deep lore of Bride of Chucky?

Well, that’s not only still trucking along but plans to stab into your TV sets via the Syfy Network in 2020, as series creator Don Mancini revealed on Twitter.

Can’t get much more official than that. Don’t worry, we’re still getting twice the Chucky.

Though Orion is doing its technologically advanced adaptation, through rights shenanigans Universal and Mancini will continue spinning their tale out from where the original Child’s Play started it all in 1988. It’s honestly kind of refreshing to see a series pressing forward rather than starting from scratch these days, though Child’s Play may not have been the best choice. Often times we have to be left to wonder what if. What if a series was remade for the modern day? What if no one messed with the original formula and kept the tradition alive? Now, we have the strange privilege of seeing both sides of this coin at once.

I’m interested to see both. The remake’s trailer looked good, but I think we still need the wise-cracking foul-mouthed Chucky that the world knows and potentially loves. I’m not up the backlog of films, but we all have about a year to catch up before the series officially hits Syfy. Maybe the network will do a marathon in buildup to the show. That would be pretty cool.

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