The 2012 Korean American Film Festival LA Flixist roundup


[Last week, we covered the the First Annual Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles, which took place at the Korean Cultural Center LA from August 9th through the 11th. For all of our coverage, head here.]

It hasn’t even been two weeks since we finished our coverage of NYAFF and Japan Cuts, but we’re already wrapping on another festival. However, with no more festivals on the immediate horizon, we can take a bit of a break. So that’s nice, but if you’re actually reading this, you’re probably curious about what we just finished with. Well, this year was the first annual Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles, a sister festival to the annual KAFF in New York. It’s a very small festival, showing only 5 features as well as a few shorts, but it had some interesting stuff none. On the whole, we definitely preferred the documentaries to the narrative works, though.

Regardless, we’re hoping that the fest was a success though, because we definitely want it to come back bigger and even better. But first, break.

Still from the Documentary Ultimate Christian Wrestling

Reviews [in chronological order]

Should’ve Kissed – 40 (Sub-par)

Ultimate Christian Wrestling – 82 (Great) Small Flixist editor's choice banner

Clash of Colors: The LA Riots of 1992 – 76 (Good)

Magic and Loss – 60 (Decent)


Interview: Directors of Ultimate Christian Wrestling

KAFFLA Centerpiece: LA Riots 2012


The 2012 Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles looms