The 39 contenders for the Best Original Song Oscar


Yesterday kacak iddaa the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the 39 songs kacak bahis that could win the Oscar for Best Original Song. The online bahis list has got a bit of everything in there: Elton John, Mary J. Blige, OK Go, three illegal bahis songs bahis siteleri from the Indian nautical thriller DAM999, and three songs from The Muppets. Willie Nelson guvenilir bahis siteleri is in there too, canli bahis siteleri though not for his Coldplay cover in that Chipotle commercial. (If only Bill Hicks was alive to make a canli bahis joke about that.)

According to the Academy’s press release, its voters will iddaa siteleri listen to clips from the 39 songs and will give each of them a score. The nominees will be songs that average 8.25 or higher, and no single film can have more than two songs up for the award. It bahis seems odd that voters are only listening to clips rather than the full songs, especially since some songs work as a single sustained piece rather than a collection of hooks. “Think You Can Wait” by The National, for example, is a song whose beauty is diminished by only considering a snippet from the whole.

After the cut, we’ve included the full list of 39 songs as well as links so you can give them a listen. In a handful of cases I was only able to locate a clip of the song, and I was unfortunately unable to find any audio for the song from In the Land of Blood and Honey. Can you spot any surefire nominees? Any surprises? How about any odd omissions?


Hubert Vigilla
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