The Academy doesn’t understand math, confuses voters


Not content with merely doubling the number of Best Picture nominees, the Academy has decided that the number of nominees this year should be left up to chance, and there could be anywhere from 5 and 10. Why? No one’s really sure. Many people are also unsure why the ballots only allow for 5 films to be listed, even though there could be up to 10 nominees. 

Apparently, it’s due to the way they weight the votes. Only the first three films on the ballot will really have an impact (with the first obviously having the most). The fourth and fifth seem to be mostly there to make people feel better, and 6-10 would have literally no impact. Even so, it doesn’t explain why they don’t want to just have a multiple of 5. There no reason to have 7 Best Picture nominations. Or 9. Or 6. Or 8. No one really cares about what the Academy thinks anyway. Maybe adding an element of randomness is supposed to entice people to the show, but the only people it really impacts are the voters, and it has so far served only to confuse them. So it was a stupid decision. And the Academy is stupid.

It’s a slow news day. Can you tell? 

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]