The Alamo Drafthouse is coming to Los Angeles next year!


Between my home city of Buffalo, NY and my adopted city of Los Angeles, I have been enviously side-eying those lucky, Alamo Drafthouse-having cities for what feels like years. A theater that cracks down hard on talking/texting, serves you delicious food, and shows a variety of films? That is so far up my alley that it’s crossed over into the other street.

Although Buffalo getting a movie theater that doesn’t suck was never on the cards, the lack of a Drafthouse in LA has always been a real head-scratcher. It’s one of those partnerships that always made sense on paper, but never fully materialized…until now.

In a press release sent out a couple days ago, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema revealed the beloved movie theater chain would be opening a location in downtown Los Angeles. The new Drafthouse will be located in The Bloc, a “1.8 million square foot mixed use destination at the hub of the city’s retail, entertainment, financial, and sports center.”

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, seemed enthusastic about the upcoming partnership. “We’re extremely excited to welcome Alamo Drafthouse to Downtown Los Angeles. Their unique brand of innovation and showmanship embodies the best traditions of our city’s film industry.”

When this new theater opens, I can promise you that I will be the first in line…even though I live in Eagle Rock.