The Avengers first post-credits scene for you to watch


Here’s a clip from the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of The Avengers. It’s a little spoiler-y if you haven’t seen the movie yet, but if that’s the case you must not be a part of the earth’s population.

Marvel is stoking the hype fires because it knows you can’t wait to get this home so you can watch it six times before passing out in your own filth. The Avengers was definitely the most fun I had at the theater this summer, and I lament having never had the time to see it a second time on the big screen, so I’m going to be watching the hell out of this Blu-ray and all of its extras when it releases September 25th. 

By the way, how many people recognized Thanos when they saw the movie for the first time? Because I totally had to Google it.