The Battle: LA aliens are unlike anything you’ve seen


I’m fairly psyched for Battle: Los Angeles, mostly because I’m a sucker for a good alien invasion movie. I saw Skyline, for God’s sake, and that was a few steps removed from being punched in the jugular. As such, I was excited to get the chance to talk to Adetokumboh M’Cormack, who plays a medic in Aaron Eckhart’s platoon during the film. You probably recognize Ade best as Yemi, Mr. Eko’s preist brother from Lost. In asking him about the film’s style and tone, asking about the comparisons I’ve heard to Black Hawk Down, he had this to say:

“I think the reason people draw the comparisons between the two films is because of the similar style in which they are shot. Battle: LA is a very gritty, very real film. It’s a story with a lot of heart. A lot of the scenes were shot hand held. It is not a typical alien invasion movie, where the aliens are just blasting us from the sky. Instead it’s an all-out war being fought on the streets of Los Angeles…against aliens. But each is its own film.

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So it’s a more down-to-earth, gritty war story that just happens to be about aliens invading? Nice. I tried to coax a bit of information about the aliens, as we carried some older shots of the stand-in alien models, but all I could get was this:

“I can’t give too much away but I can say they are definitely unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was really impressed with how much thought was put into their design. The things these aliens can do…it’s just crazy. You’ll have to check it out to see what I’m talking about.

While that’s an exceptionally bold claim, I was pretty wowed by the shots we reported on (even though that link is broken for the moment ). Battle: Los Angeles comes out March 11th, so we’ll see then.