The Beatles: Get Back is looking to be a fabulous swan song


Something of a black sheep of an album for the Fab Four, the recording and hoopla surrounding The Beatles’ Let It Be is the subject of Peter Jackson’s extensive new documentary series Get Back, premiering to Disney+ this November.

Let It Be was infamously covered in a 1970 documentary of the same name by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, the album was recorded before the release of 1969’s Abbey Road, though released more than half a year later. The documentary, often relegated to depicting The Beatles as struggling and contentious during the production, is getting something of a 51-year-later rebuttal with Jackson’s new series.

Evident in the gorgeous footage in the new trailer, Get Back seems to be structured as a race-against-time production, with the lads facing deadlines of their own creation and expectations of their gargantuan presence. Paul McCartney muses that their best moments have been during these “backs against the wall” productions, making Jackson’s series feel like it’s going to be something genuinely special.

Originally intended for a theatrical release as a feature film, Get Back has been held up this way and that by the pandemic, and will now debut in three parts across three days, November 25, 26, and 27, on Disney+.

Get Back poster