Boba Fett will get his own series in December 2021


If you’ve watched today’s episode of The Mandalorian, then you likely already know the news of a Boba Fett series coming. As revealed during a post-credits scene for season two’s finale, The Book of Boba Fett will be a brand new Star Wars series planned for Disney+ in December 2021. It will, obviously, follow Fett around on his journies throughout the galaxy.

What’s surprising about this stealth announcement is how Disney kept it under wraps. The company was quick to name every other Star Wars related pieces of media last week, but The Book of Boba Fett remained a complete mystery. This was clearly a calculated move on the part of the company to make today’s season finale hit with an extra punch.

While I’m a little sad that Fett won’t be tagging along with Mando for the upcoming third season, at least he also won’t be hogging the spotlight next year. With his own series to conjure up new storylines in, that leaves director Jon Favreau with plenty of breathing room to take The Mandalorian in some exciting new directions. We can muse about those later when I get my recap up.

At any rate, we’re bound to get answers to some lingering questions around the eponymous character when his series launches next year.

Source: Deadline

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