The Cannes film festival is basically dead this year


Just last week, officials for the Cannes International Film Festival made an announcement that its event would either happen in person or not at all. The idea of hosting the festival digitally was so far removed from the picture, director Thierry Fremaux didn’t even consider it. Fremaux is likely eating his words now, because France’s president has extended the national lockdown amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What this means is that, despite all the grandiose statements about playing the waiting game, Cannes is likely dead. The lockdown is now currently scheduled to be lifted on May 11, though that seems a bit optimistic. If Cannes officials delay any further, they risk overlapping with the Venice Film Festival (which probably also won’t happen this year). It’s a complicated mess of logistical problems.

Whatever happens, don’t get your hopes up for social gatherings of film makers.

France President Bans Festivals Until Mid-July, Putting Cannes on Ice [Variety]

Peter Glagowski
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