The Conjuring getting a spin-off based on creepy doll


Naturally because The Conjuring is a new and marginally successful horror property, New Line is currently working on a sequel and several spin-offs in order to rid the film of all of its charm. The first spin-off, Annabelle, a film completely focused on that weird doll in the beginning of the film, now has cast its leads (Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton). There’s no other information to go on (other than the fact that the spin-offs will have a much lower budget than the main series), but it’s still so weird to see something like this happen. 

Sure in retrospect The Conjuring teased multiple films (the Warrens collection room screams spin-offs) and the doll’s design was too well thought out to be a throw away, but I figured they were saving those ideas for the sequels.  The first Conjuring was really only interesting because of the Ghost Hunter angle, and losing that makes it as generic as everything else. Does the doll, who pretty much has its own movie in the original film anyway, need a full fledged movie? I guess time and money will tell.

[via The Wrap]